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  •  Month-at-a-glance calendars to schedule everything from parties to personal appointments (so you can eliminate the mishaps that come from having separate work/personal planners)
  • Bonus space to track additional tasks of your choice (complete with daily checkboxes to tick off as you complete power hours, make contacts, or complete any other daily “must-do”)
  • Week-at-a-glance view with daily time blocking (and room to jot down party times, team meetings, or even your next manicure)
  • Monthly goal setting & goal review space (to assess your past month’s performance and put new goals on paper)
  • Exclusive articles & training at the start of each month (loaded with expert tips to help you and your team level up)
  • Daily space to track your water intake, steps, sleep, and workouts (because better health = better productivity!)
  • Vision board pages (so you can add the powerful tool of visualization to your daily routine and become more naturally energized about your goals!)
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