"ATTENTION Direct Sellers & Network Marketers…The Search For A Planner That Fits Your Unique Needs Is OVER!" 

From The Desk Of Belinda Ellsworth, Trainer, Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Dear Friend, 

If you’ve never found a planner that TRULY fits your needs as a direct seller or network marketer...

This is the most important letter you’ll ever read. 

Yes, Your Perfect Solution FINALLY Exists!

I created the 2020 Planner for Direct Sellers out of sheer frustration.

No standard planner ever came close to covering your needs as a marketer!

Even I bought planner after planner, but none of them could do the job on their own. I always ended up with a huge mess of multiple planners, calendars, notebooks, and sticky notes everywhere!

Needless to say, there was a huge hole in our industry... and it was driving me crazy!

That’s why I finally created...

The 2020 Planner For Direct Sellers

This planner is dramatically different from any other organizer you’ve ever purchased.

That’s because it’s specifically designed to help direct sellers like you organize your business and life.

It reflects what a direct seller does in a day, week, month, and year.

It covers ALL areas of your business, from sales to team training to events to social media.

And no… you WON’T find yourself searching for a supplemental notebook or calendar the next day!

In fact, you’ll probably be able to trash a huge pile of papers from your desk and bulletin board right off the bat.

But This Is About MORE Than Just Clearing Your Desk

Yes, the 2020 Planner for Direct Sellers will make the surface of your desk visible again… but that’s really just the beginning.

Because organization is about MORE than just filling out a calendar or making lists.

It’s MORE than remembering all your appointments and getting your to-do list checked off every week.

Organization is a state of mind.

And once you enter this state of mind, amazing things will start to happen.

You’ll appear professional, educated, and “on top of it” to your peers. (“Wow, he/she really has their life together!”)

You’ll gain trust from those around you as you continually stay on top of your work, show up on time and remember the tasks everyone else forgot about. (“WOW! You’ve earned every reward and incentive this year! You haven’t missed a beat!”)

You’ll save tons of mental energy by having everything written down and stowed away in a safe place, freeing you up to be even more productive and “present” (and sleep easier at night!).

You’ll become the organized, reliable, and stand-out direct seller you’ve always wanted to be…

And the 2020 Planner for Direct Sellers will make it look (and feel!) completely effortless.

The 2020 Planner for Direct Sellers Includes:

  • Month-at-a-glance calendars to schedule everything from parties to personal appointments (so you can eliminate the mishaps that come from having separate work/personal planners)
  • Bonus space to track additional tasks of your choice (complete with daily checkboxes to tick off as you complete power hours, make contacts, or complete any other daily “must-do”)
  • Week-at-a-glance view with daily time blocking (and room to jot down party times, team meetings, or even your next manicure)
  • Monthly goal setting & goal review space (to assess your past month’s performance and put new goals on paper) (Plus, a video training tutorial on how to best maximize the planner!)
  • Exclusive articles & training at the start of each month (loaded with expert tips to help you and your team level up)
  • Daily space to track your water intake, steps, sleep, and workouts (because better health = better productivity!)
  • Vision board pages (so you can add the powerful tool of visualization to your daily routine and become more naturally energized about your goals!)
  • And so much more!

Take A Look INSIDE Of Our 2020 Planner

Plus, This Planner Has Been UPDATED & UPGRADED For 2020!

You asked, we listened! This year’s planner includes:

  • More affordable
  • Improved binding
  • More durable cover
  • ​Additional space for notes
  • ​An updated book list
  • ​Improved Goals & Statistics Tracking
  • ​Earlier Release
  • And so much more!

Yes, that’s a TON of amazing features specifically suited to your direct selling needs, but you’re also getting…

The Chance to Win A VIP Experience with Belinda!…

For a very limited time, when you order the 2020 Planner for Direct Sellers, you’ll ALSO go into a special drawing for an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

First place: Choose a location for our 25th anniversary tour, includes a VIP Package for you and four team members; PLUS a one hour consult with Belinda and Lindsay

Second place: One hour consult with Belinda and Lindsay

Third place: One hour consult with Belinda and Lindsay

So if you’re ready to crush your monthly goals, keep your professional & personal life on track, and turn your direct selling business into a well-oiled machine...

Here’s What To Do Next

You can get the 2020 Planner for Direct Sellers for just $19 (plus $5 shipping).

Quantities Are Very Limited, So Claim Your Planner Now Before They’re All Gone!

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter, and I hope this planner makes a HUGE impact on your business!

Belinda Ellsworth

P.S. If you’re like me and skip to the end of these letters, here's what you need to know:

I’m offering you the 2020 Planner for Direct Sellers - the ONLY planner that’s specifically suited to direct sellers’ and network marketers’ needs.

You can buy it for just $19 (Plus $5 shipping).

This planner is unique because it includes EVERYTHING you need to run and grow your direct sales business in one place, and you’ll NEVER have to deal with multiple planners, calendars, notebooks, or sticky notes again!

Plus, it’s really more than just a planner; it’s a complete business system and strategy for 2020!

However, quantities are very limited.

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